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December 5, 2006
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Swiss UFO - 1975 photo by erwebb Swiss UFO - 1975 photo by erwebb
photo is credited to and copyright 1976 by Eduard Meier, from the archives of Wendelle Stevens, ret. USAF., USA

I have changed my avatar to one of a UFO photo. The avatar was based on this photo (zoomed in for greater detail). The best photos ever taken of a real starships!! Photo was taken in 1975 by swiss farmer Eduard Meier. A poor man who only has one arm, a broken 35mm (non digital) camera, and no formal photography skills or training. Hundreds of photos were taken over many years! There is evidence with actual metal samples of the ship.... very interesting stuff! The photos are amazing....
link to source of photos


I sure wish I could have been there in person to take these great photos! I was too little in 1975... darn it! I always seem to miss out on the great events! I missed out on Woodstock, the 60s revolution, when Star Trek was brand new....

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george007usa Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013
It is a hoax.......
Nearly 99.9% of mainstream ufologists have stated
this Meier guy is a hoaxer and should be ignored in
the field of serious UFO research....:nod:
despycable-me Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011   Photographer
yea i think this is their house lamp :D
Auzie-Angel Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2010  Student Digital Artist
I really like the way this was cropped! And I love the way you edited the others and put some color in them, they look amazing! And still real at the same time! :la:
Eisenmann87 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Looks like a plastic toy.
marcozambra Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2008
Pretty-As-A-Picture Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2007   Photographer
UFO's amaze me. I saw one once! I was sure to god I saw one! It was amazing I fell to the ground shocked and hit myself for not having my camera. My mum saw one also one night she was describing it to me and talked about all the lights and things. Also did you happen to know Uluru was visted by aborigines many, many years ago or about the ufo crash landing in sydney? My mum found out about them all, she has lots of evidence to prove they are real it's just stupid not to believe.
erwebb Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2007
UFOS are real! I've seen them myself, and have studied many books on the subject. The most amazing of the UFO photos were the Swiss UFO case. This was a poor farmer, with very little resources or money, that managed to capture the best photos ever taken of UFOs. The pilots of these ships are human like you and me, but they are far more advanced than we are. To them, we are prehistoric like humans. They can't understand our dependence on polluting oil for gasoline cars, and why we have so many problems with our space shuttles getting off the ground. They see us as a very backward, primitive and barbaric society. They are horrified that we are polluting our own planet with oil and greed, and that we are too busy killing each other, than working on solving the major problems we face on this planet. We must work on these problems, or there will be no future for generations to come.

The UFOs are definitely real, but governments of the earth are threatened as they fear that the people will no longer need politicians once a powerful alien race lands on Earth and proclaim themselves to the planet. Politicians and warmongers (Iraq war barons) are worried about being out of business if the Aliens do come and meet us.

It is sad, but all the world governments deny the existence of UFOs and try to explain them away. They fear losing their power over the people of the planet earth.

Sad, but greed and power chokes out common sense on this planet.
shtrumf Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
it looks so..regal, with so much taken interest into estetic detail..if these things are real, proportion and things that seem to have an estetic quality must have some big importantance...I've always wondered why aliens bothered to use all those colorful lights you see in the ufo photos :giggle:
erwebb Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2007
It is very dark in space, so you need lights to keep other ships from slamming into you in the dark. In some places in deep space, there is no light, and only the lights from the ship can light up the darkness. :ufo:

ust think of very, very deep underwater, where there is no light at all. Even the strange fish down there have their own form of luminous light.

Without any light deep in the ocean, you wouldn't be able to see your own hand up close.

The Round shape of the ship is the most aerodynamic shape for aircraft. The round edges allow it to cut into the atmosphere with ease, in any direction forward, side or backwards. They glide through the air like a hot knife through butter...

Without the disadvantage of rear propulsion as our ordinary airplanes, that have to bank several times to make a complete full circle, these UFOs can fly circles around the planes, with very little resistance. Their speeds are phenomenally fast. So fast that even military fighter jets have a very hard time trying to keep up. One Jet pilot chased a UFO in the past, and could barely keep up. The pilot reached an altitude in the sky that was very dangerous to his craft. He was so determined to chase the UFO, that he forgot that he was in a danger zone which his plane could not handle. The pilot saw the UFO flying so fast, that he lost sight of it in space, while the pilot blacked out. The jet fighter crashed down below, as the jet was pushed far beyond its limits.

UFOs are designed to handle very high pressures, and go at extremely fast speeds. They can even go underwater without any problems, as the presssures of the oceans can be the same as in space.

We primitive humans with our limited technology will have a very hard time conquering space using rocket power. Notice how all the UFOS do NOT use rocket power at all! The aliens abandoned explosive fuel as too wasteful and too inefficient. Where do you go in deep space to refuel with rocket fuel? You can't. Once you run out of fuel, you are stuck in space with an empty tank. Not very useful for long space voyages. :confused:

We can learn a thing or two from the aliens, if we are wise enough to notice how they conquer space with alternative engines...

shtrumf Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2007
thank for your long reply! I am interested in this subject too..though it is hard to believe as no clear evidence ever seems to surface. I didn't know about the pilot trying to chase an ufo. I was wondering why, when somebody tapes a ufo, they wouldn't also ask for help to investigate the thing, by getting closer with an helicopter or something. seing something really odd in the sky is a big deal, after all
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